Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ok, well Friday wasn't nearly as productive as I would've liked for it to be. After my 3 mile run, I was drained!! I was able to get through all the overriding areas of care and I do believe I have a good understanding of them.

I also did 1 care plan. I still have to do the evaluation phase for it which is where I tend to struggle the most. Hopefully I will get that finished up today and sent over to Dr. A for review.

Friday evening I ended up going bowling. It was great to get out and not think about the CPNE for a few hours!! Lets just say I ended up having too much fun and staying out a little too late.. I woke up yesterday feeling a little groggy!

Yesterday ended up being a great day! (Probably because I wasn't studying!) Andy and I went out for Chinese food and had a nice relaxing day at home. Michigan State played at 7 and I kind of watched the game while wasting precious time on the computer! I know, I'm terrible!! Should have got some studying in!

I hope today I will be a little more productive. That may be difficult since I am headed over to my parents at some point. Thank god I only work 2 days this week and then I'm done working until this nasty exam is over!!

I just got done practicing the IV drip and wound packing..5x in a row, each!! I'm not including each step yet because I'm struggling with perfecting the techniques. I keep trying to regulate the IV at 25 gtts per minute. What a pisser that thing is! I'm always 4-5 gtts off. According to the skills kit we can be only be 2-3 and I think that varies on the clinical evaluator.

The wound, that's an entire different story. I'm clumsy and I have fat fingers. Ah! I keep hearing about parachute techniques and ribbon methods.. neither one of them work for me! Something always touches the skin or the outside of the wound. Whether it's a finger or a string of the gauze, it's a very frustrating experience. I told my husband (who has an engineering brain), that he has got to watch me and figure out a better way for me to do these labs.

For anyone who's interested, here is the first part of the care plan I'm going to submit to Dr. A.

This was created for "Jean Kauffman" on pg. 95 in the study guide.

1. Ineffective breathing pattern (r/t decreased mobility, as evidenced by weak cough)
The patient will report ability breate comfortably during PCS
Encourage client to cough x1 during PCS
Assist client to use incentive spirometer x1 during PCS

2. Impaired physical mobility (r/t tissue trauma, as evidenced by right knee surgical incision)
The patient will demonstrate use of walker during PCS
Ambulate client with 1 assist and walker during PCS
Maintain ice bag on right knee during PCS

I'll try to get the evaluation phase done later....I hate doing that part because that means 'data' has to be made up.


  1. I'm struggling with the careplans too,I just submitted my first one for review at 2am this morning,I was stuck for the evaluatuion too.

  2. The evaluation phase is a little tricky because we don't have the data.