Thursday, February 4, 2010

Death of the internet modem

I thought having the modem die on Tuesday would create a world of productivity for me. No, it has left me stewing about what is happening on my facebook, and the electronic peer network on Excelsior's website. Here I am at the library for the second day in a row. Apparently libraries are not quiet anymore and have become places where stay at home mom's bring their kids everyday. Awesome.

I have had some accomplishments this week. First of all, I have figured out a wound technique that works for me. I'm going to go with a 'flag method.' Basically, I unfold the 4x4 all the way and then lay/fold it down into my hand like it was a ribbon and/or flag. Then I hold the the gauze above the wound with my left hand and guide it into the wound with my right. I try to use only two fingers. At the end I do end up manipulating the gauze with both hands, so I want to clarify on the phone with Excelsior if that's acceptable. To practice this, I did not use gloves, I sat down with 30+ gauze pads in the tub and made repeated attempts until I was pretty good at it. By the time I was done practicing, my finger tips were prunes. I decided there's no sense in wasting more supplies if I can't even do the technique properly. Tonight I will incorporate all the critical elements and repeat it 5x.

The next lab station to tackle was the IV push. I'm still not 100% clear on this. I believe if the plunger lunges forward, it's considered a bolus. The syringes that I have, suck. I can not get a nice continuous push with them. I have found 'rocking' the plunger back and forth seems to work the best for me. I tried rotating the plunger in a full circle and it was too difficult.

I'm going to round up some practice problems to put on index cards and I will try to get those posted.

I submitted another careplan to Dr. A with full documentation and evaluation. I got a lot less red ink. For some reason, I messed up my 'as evidenced by' portion. It seems like every week I pick something new to screw up on! I hate how one week I am good at something, and the next week I flub it up completely. When the new modem arrives on Monday, I will supply a link to all of my careplans and the reviews Dr. A gives them.

While at the library, I'm going to do any required discussion posts for the online workshops and work up another careplan. It's so time consuming!! I'm working on putting together a template which I will provide a link to as well. I always write my careplans out with pencil first. That way I get an idea of how long it'll take me while I'm there. I really want to keep my planning phase around 15-20 minutes. I'm not sure how that will work out since I want to look up all of my drugs, reference any labs and look up any diagnosis/procedures I'm unfamiliar with.

My theory this week is to not stress out about the 'unknowns' of this exam and focus on mastering the things I can be prepared to know. Does that make sense? For example, I'm not going to worry about irrigating NG's and unfamiliar tubes. Because if I get one, I'm going to ask for the textbook!

Going to get started on all this work!

Until next time, keep the prayers alive!!



  1. I used the back-and-forth twisting method for my IVP station, and it worked well -- the 360 degree twist didn't. The syringes at the test site seemed pretty smooth, not like the ones in the skills kit. Yay for finding a wound packing method! Very similar to what I did -- I couldn't do the parachute thing to save my life!!

  2. Yay!! It's a blog when Lunah checks it out!!

  3. LOL ... I am so proud of you for sticking with this, despite obstacles and frustrations. Please also ignore those "voices of doom" on the EPN -- it's really making me mad because EC students don't need more stress!! Arrghh. Wondering if maybe Excelsior needs to take away access to the EPN for certain folks.