Monday, February 15, 2010

Light bulb - ON!

I'm not sure what happened today. Maybe it was the fact that I rolled out of bed at 5:45 and got an early start? Today, things started to click. It's the first day I felt confident in my preparation! Yesterday I made a spreadsheet outlining where I needed to focus my studies. I use that to choose what to tackle first. I have desperately been wanting to get my labs mastered and dread practicing them because it's so frustrating for me! I spent last night and this morning reviewing Sherri Taylor's videos. I also posted a video of my own showing my IV push technique. Based on peer review, it sounds as if this is an approved technique to utilize! Another major discovery today is that I found out my beloved sheet protectors work with dry erase markers! This makes practicing the lab much easier and paper/printer friendly! The piles of used gauze also work well to clean the sheet protectors off. I'm happy to say I did all of my labs correct and with a positive attitude! The only problem was I forgot to clamp my primary IV bag and found it empty around 7:30 tonight!

I took the day off from care planning. After today, I will continue submitting to Dr. A on a daily basis and I'm working with Sherri Taylor as well. Sherri sends me 2 care plans per week for a month. I'm struggling with Sherri's a little because they are actual scenarios from previous students who have completed the CPNE. The scenarios I have received contain very few areas of care assigned. I can come up with a diagnosis, but am struggling to choose interventions that are assigned on the kardex.

For my afternoon studies, I decided to sit down and do mnemonics. Yep, that's right, I'm starting all over again with the mnemonic thing. I need to settle on something. The good thing about me being so picky on my mnemonics is the fact I am really gaining great understanding of the critical elements and that's what it should be about.

Make sure you're looking at the CPNE document links! I'm trying to keep it updated as I receive feedback!

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