Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So, I passed!

Sorry, this is about 3 years late..but I've recently been reconnecting with Excelsior students and wanted to let you all know that I was successful at passing the CPNE without having any repeats! I had know idea that my blog was still receiving the amount of traffic that it was. I've decided to post my journal, thought after reviewing it I'm not sure if it's helpful or not. That weekend was the absolute worst one of my life filled with uncontrollable emotions. For weeks afterward I had post traumatic stress and was on edge in every situation I dealt with.

If you're still studying for this horrible exam, hang in there and GET IT DONE! You don't need fancy workshops, it's ENTRY LEVEL NURSING ASSESSMENTS! You've been doing it for years already. Never doubt yourself....and move on with your life..because I was finally able to start a family which had been put on hold until I was done with completing my degree.

The unfortunate part was once I had finished my degree, my local market had been saturated with new graduate RN's and the hospitals were on hiring freezes. Luckily I returned to my position in a corporate environment as an Intake Nurse and received an $8/hr pay raise to do the same exact job I did as an LPN. After the birth of my first son, I was offered an RN educator position which I absolutely loved. God had major plans for me though and I got pregnant again when my first son was only 7 months old. Now I have two children under two and have left the workforce so I can focus on them.

I'm currently earning extra money as a Team Beach Body Coach and if you are interested in getting help with nutrition and fitness please feel free to contact me! Or become a coach yourself!

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  1. your experience is way different than most. My CE's would not prompt or give any room for error or grant extra time, from your blog, I can tell you would have failed numerous times if you had the CE I had. I'm glad that you passed and that seems to be the case with excelsior, its a crapshoot whether you pass or not, it just depends on your CE and what mood they are in.